Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For anyone who creates, there must be a spark or burst of enlightenment which causes us to act upon our idea. I believe it requires energy, thought, and action.

WOW...that's deep!

Getting back to the torch now that it is a tad bit warmer and hoping to come up with some beads that reflect 2010 energy and inspiration.

Inspiration comes from many sources - one that helps me from time to time is TV or film. Being a film buff (especially the classics), I am drawn to color, design, and clothing and sometimes make notes as I am watching something.

Recently I have discovered a Fashion Designer from the UK named Gok Wan. I know, many of you must know of him, but I find him a breath of fresh air. Not only is he creative, but he has such a sense of style and color. I love color, tones, blends, etc. Gok is a master of color I think. I have been jotting down color combinations I have seen in some of his recent broadcasts. He makes fashion POP!

Not only is he a fashion guru, he treats his guests and people he helps with empathy and affection. I love his "How to Look Good Naked" show and his "Fashion Fix". He has his own vocabulary and never fails to make me laugh and giggle. Great talent!

OK...off to torch...have a fab day!

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